Czech Republic visa (Schengen)

Can apply for a Czech visa Up to 180 days before the scheduled departure.


1. Visa application form With the complete information
2. Copy of ID card
3. Passport and a valid copy must be at least 3 months older than the period of stay in the country
4. 1 piece of white background color photograph, width 3.5 cm., Height 4.5 cm.
– Certificate of employment (English) or
– Letter of recommendation from an educational institution (English language)
5. Financial evidence (6 months proof of financial position, both original and copy)
6. Evidence of accommodation/hotel arrangements (must specify names of everyone Who applied for a visa) or invitation letter Officially (Original and copy) to be confirmed from the immigration police Czech Republic
7. A round-trip ticket reservation
8. Proof of travel health and accident insurance (original and copy) the minimum amount of 30,000 Euro or 1,500,00 baht to cover the period to stay in the Czech Republic

Government passport holders do not need a visa. Able to stay 90 days
Visa approval processing time is 7-10 days.