Danish visa (Denmark) Schengen

Can apply for a Danish visa. Up to 90 days in advance of the scheduled departure.


1. Complete the online application form. And pay visa fees through the system.
Visa Application Form (Visa applicants to Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands)
2. Passport that is not expired and must have at least 3 months validity left until the date of travel back to Thailand.
3. Copy of passport first page. Pages that have been changed and those with visas. In the previous Schengen, America or England group
4. Color photograph, width 3.5 cm., Height 4.5 cm. 1 light-colored background.
5. Proof of work
– Certificate of employment specify position, salary, and vacation (in English) or
– Business registration or
– Commercial registration or
– Letter of recommendation from an educational institution (English language)
6. Financial evidence for the past 3 months, such as passbook, bank statement, in case of business contact, must show evidence of financial both personal and company.
7. Documents confirming the booking of air tickets
8. Documents confirming hotel reservations in Denmark and other Schengen countries. To travel at the same time.
9.Health and travel accident insurance control limit of 30,000 euros or 1,500,000 baht
10. Documents showing name-surname change (if any), original, and copies
11. Invitation letter from Danish company/person
12. Document check form (Checklist) travel, business, visit relatives, friends, girlfriend, fiancee,
13. For persons under 18 years of age, additional documents are required. Birth certificate or copy of house registration and a letter of consent for travel abroad, signed by the name of the father and/or mother or legal guardian, which must be a document issued by the district office or district office (In case not Traveling with father and/or mother)

In the case of traveling alone
– Letter of consent from Both original parents and certified copies by the district in case of traveling with either parent.
– Letter of consent from the other parent, both original and certified copy by the district in the case of traveling with a parent who has sole custody of the child.
– Certificate Possession of sole custody of children, both original and copies.

**It takes approximately 15 business days to process your request.
**A government passport without a visa can stay for 90 days.