Visa Finland (Schengen)


1. Online visa form
2. Passport is valid for more than 6 months and the old one (if any)
3. One white background color photograph (size 47 mm x 36 mm) taken no more than 6 months.
4. Certificate of employment
– Certificate of employment (English) or
– Business registration or commercial registration or
– Letter of recommendation from an educational institution (English language)
5. Financial evidence past at least 3 months, such as passbook, bank certificate
6. Air ticket reservation
7. Copy of policy travel health insurance and accident insurance worth at least 30,000 euros (1,500,000 baht)
8. Original invitation letter issued by companies or entities of the Schengen

For young people (under 18) these additional documents are required.
1. A copy of the birth certificate and an English translation for young people not traveling with their legal guardians.
2. Evidence of custody of the child The custodian authority must be identified and he must leave. Government agency Related (If the youth is in the custody of either parent)
3. A letter of consent for the child to leave the country (in the case of traveling with a father or anyone, or traveling with a third party), a validly issued letter must be issued.

Must make an appointment through the website before submitting your visa.
– Processing time is 15 working days for tourist visas
– Government passport holder Visa not required able to stay 90 days
– Tourist visa Travelers must apply for a visa by themselves.