Visa German (Schengen)

Visitor visa


1. Visa application form, original (application is to be filled out through e-application VIDEX)
2. Signed three of information form
3. Passport photo size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm
– Recent (less than 6 months)
– Ears and eyes brown must appear in the picture
– White background
4. Passport, original valid for at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa, at least two blank pages
5. Two copies of the photocopies of the passport, also previous Schengen visas
6. Change name certificate (if any)
7. Invitation letter from a sponsor.
8. Proof of relationship
9. Proof of financial, property, marriage certificate, etc.
10. If Employment
– Original certificate of employment
If Student
– Academic certificate
If self-employed
– Evidence of business ownership
11. Travel and health insurance, minimum coverage 30,000 Euro. Valid for Schengen area and cover all periods of stay.
12. Documents related to a minor child:
– Birth Certificate
– Parental consent
– In case of one parent passed away, a death certificated must be submitted.
13. Foreigner national residing in Thailand
– Original and copy of work permit
– Re-entry stamp

The period of consideration and approval of the visa is about 15 working days. At the German Visa Application Center
Can apply for a German visa. Up to 180 days before the scheduled departure.