Greece visa (SC)

Visiting Visa

Travelers must submit their visas. It takes about 7-14 working days to get a visa.


1. a Visa application form
2. Passport (Passport) with at least 3 months validity after the return date and has 2 blank pages with 1 copy and old passport if any.
3. A photograph of white background size 3.5 cm wide and 4.5 cm high.
4. Additional supporting documents for the application
– A certificate of birth for children (in English)
– As for those traveling with their spouse to submit a marriage certificate (English)
– For visa applicants who do not hold a Thai passport, submit
(a) a work permit in Thailand with at least 2 years (Work permit)
(b) Thailand residence permit (Residence permit), and
(c ) Re-entry visa (including 1 copy)
5. Original proof of work
– A certificate of work (English) and proof of income tax payment for employees.
– A business registration or commercial registration along with evidence of tax payment for the business owner. (Certified copy)
– A letter of recommendation from their educational institution for the student. (English language)
(Note, proof of work, if it is a Thai document, must be translated into English and be approved by the Department of Consular Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
6. Financial evidence for the past 6 months, both original passbook and a copy, and Bank Statement. Both personal and company
7. Health insurance and Travel accident covers at least 30,000 euros or 1,500,000 baht
8. Return booking Air ticket.
9. If you are staying in a Greek home, submit a letter of invitation. That has been certified from the local police station with a copy of passport or a copy of ID card and documents showing income tax of the invitee ready to send by fax or email come to the visa department in Bangkok. Before coming to contact to apply for a visa.
10. Visa applicants who are under the age of 18 and are not traveling with their parents must have a consent letter. With certification stamp from the Department of Consular Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs.