Italy visa (Schengen)


1. Passport the remainder is valid for more than 6 months and has at least 2 blank pages left (if you have an old passport please attach)
3. Photos with white background only, size 3.5 cm. X 4.5 cm., 2 photos must be sharp, no teeth, no glasses, no shadows, no photography and photo decorations from the computer (taken within 6 months)
4. Complete the Italian visa form.
5. Proof of work
– In the case of Company employees use only the original version of a work certificate stating their position, salary, vacation (English). The validity of the document is not more than 30 days from the date of submission.
Work certificate, specify TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Embassy not required)
– In the case of Business owners use business registration or commercial registration. Issued not more than 90 days
– In the case of Students/students use their original letter of recommendation (English language) only. The validity of the document is not more than 30 days from the date of submission.
6. Financial evidence
Copy of bank book or bank statement (ordinary savings account) for the past 3 months issued by the bank With the latest account statement not more than 7 days from the date of submission
7. Air ticket reservation
8. Travel insurance, travel health, and accident insurance value at least 30,000 euros or 1,500,000 baht
9. Name-last name change certificate (if any)

If the traveler is under 18 years old traveling alone, must have
1. Copy of birth certificate and House registration copy With an English translation
2. Letter of consent for children to travel abroad from parents leaving the district or district (The original only) The document should state who is allowed to travel abroad with? And how are they related ready to translate into English and certified documents stamped from the Department of Consular Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs Before applying for a visa

In case of visiting, Friends or family living in Italy and the invitee pays the expenses
1. Signed letter of the invitee (invitation letter form)
2. Copy of ID card or passport of the inviting person
3. Copy of residence permit in Italy (if applicable)
4. If a family member is an invitation must have a birth certificate or the house registration to show as well.
5. Fidejussione certificate issued by an Italian bank. Original and copy