The Netherlands

Visiting family and friends visa

1. Passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the date on which you leave the Schengen area. Must have at least 2 empty visa pages and can not be issued more than 10 years ago.
2. A copy of all pages of the passport
3. If the old passport (The previous one and the current one) are severely damaged, lost, or stolen. A report from the police is needed.
4. Application form for a Schengen visa.
5. Photo size 35×45 mm. Color photo on a white background, ears, and eyebrows must appear on the picture. No glasses (not older than 6 months)
6. Travel insurance cover at least 30,000 euro coverage for medical expenses or the equivalent of 1,500,000 baht
7. Bank statement for 3 months Financial evidence of the visa applicant. Covering the expense throughout your stay in Netherland
8. A copy of the round-trip air ticket
9. Certificate of employment
– If employed/ a company registration and a statement of employment. (not more than 1-month-old)
– If self-employed / company registration, not more than 3 months
– In the case of students, submit a status certificate from an educational institution, not more than 3 months old.

Evidence of the invitee
10. Documents inviting. This document must be completed fully by the invitee and must be certified by the invitee’s signature. If the inviting person resides in Thailand must contact to request for certification of invitation documents at the Embassy of the Netherland in Thailand.
11. Copy of passport
12. Financial evidence of the invitee If the invitee is responsible for all expenses such as financial documents for the past 3 months, income tax payment documents. Documents for receiving pensions, etc.
13.Applying visa for a minor (Under the age of 18)
– Birth certificate (translated in English)
– A visa application form signed by both parents.
– The identity document of the parents must be from a government agency. Clear signature Match according to the card and signature on the copy

** In case the applicant’s parent (minor) ID card does not have the cardholder’s signature on the card. A notarized copy (for example, an identity card) must be attached to both the original and the copy of a certified signature (a notarized copy). To confirm that the parent’s signature on the minor’s visa application form is the real parent.
– A letter from the minors’ school stating on what date the minors are allowed to stop studying. (In case of leaving the country during non-school holidays)
– If a minor is traveling alone or with one of the parents (father or mother), a letter of consent from the district must be attached.
If one parent has sole custody of a minor, you must submit the following documents.
– A copy of the parent’s signed identity
– Parent certificate issued by the government
– Visa application form
– And if the minor is traveling alone, a document of consent for minors to travel abroad must be attached from the guardian who has the authority to look after the minor. The document must be the original one from the district. (With an attached English translation)
– Birth certificate of minors (original version + copy of Thai version and an English translation)
– Letter of consent from the school (in case of traveling abroad during school holidays)
14. For non-Thai citizens but residing in Thailand, evidence from the Immigration Office must be presented
– Work permit or a visa for long-term
– Re-entry stamp from the immigration
The documents must be valid at least 3 months after returning from the Schengen country.

– Applicants must hold an appointment form to apply for a visa
– All documents required for visa application must be submitted on the day of visa application. Translate to English or Dutch language, attach the original translation from a standardized translation center