Norway visa (SC)

Visitor visa type


1. Passport (Both old and new) must be valid for at least 3 months longer than intended stay in Norway and must have at least 2 blank pages for visa sticker/stamps.
2. Cover Letter of Applicant
3. Passport photo size 2 inches, white background, no glasses, taken within 3 months and glued to the cover letter.
4. Complete the Supplementary Questionnaire for Schengen Visa Application.
5.Health insurance covers all Schengen countries with an amount of 30,000 euros.
6. A copy of a round-trip air ticket booking, with fixed travel dates of maximum of 90 days.
7. Documents of marital status.
8. Documents confirming, Employment certificate is required, Student must have a document confirming to an educational institution, the Business owner must have company documents such as a copy of company certificate, if there is no job, provide proof of residence such as a copy of condo land title deed.
9. Financial evidence such as a book bank, adjustment for the past 3 months (original and a copy)
10. Documents confirming accommodation in Norway
If you are under 18, you must also submit:
– Letter of consent to travel from parents certified by the district, original and copy
– If traveling with one parent only, make a letter of consent certified by the district, original and copy.
– If the parent you are traveling with has single custody, you need to have a certificate of single custody.

– Travelers must apply by themselves. At the Norwegian Visa Application Center and must be arranged in advance.
– It takes approximately 15 business days to process the request.

Documents from the sponsor in Norway.
1. The invitation letter- must state the purpose of visiting Norway. The type and duration of the invitee’s relationship must be original, signed by the invitee.
2. Copy of passport of the inviting person including pages with stamps for entry-exit Thailand as well (If not Norwegian, a copy of a Norwegian residence permit is also required.)
3. Documents of marital status

If the applicant does not have documents proving sufficient economic, you need to have an original “Guarantee Form for Visit” stamped by the police in Norway with a copy.

Documents from invitees must be sent by mail only, not faxed or scanned from e-mail.
– Can apply to get a Norwegian visa Up to 180 days in advance and should apply for a visa at least 15 days before departure.
– The Embassy of Norway Thailand is responsible for 2 countries: Thailand and Cambodia.
– If two or more people of the same nationality are traveling together, they should register as a group applicant.